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Achieve your weight goal with the helpful weight loss programs from Physicians Weight Loss Orlando. Our clinic is easy to find (Get Directions Now) and our team helps you create a comprehensive solution to lose and keep weight off to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Weight loss programs

At Physicians Weight Loss Orlando, we offer simple, easy-to-follow lifestyle recommendations together with fat burning injections, vitamins, medications and HCG, supplements and other medical weight loss methods so that you lose the weight quickly and safely, keep it off and achieve healthy living.


The Low Carb VLCD 700 program is the original Physicians Weight Loss Centers diet program, designed to provide 700 calories per day.


The Physicians Fast™ weight loss program is designed to promote quick and healthy weight loss and encourage long-term weight maintenance.


Low Fat/High Energy 900 program provides the most structure and control among all three programs.

in-center programs

All weight loss programs are customized by a certified dietician & medically supervised. Our basic programs include: weekly weigh-ins, counseling, fat burners and vitamin injections.


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Proven Success & Track Record - A Nationally recognized company - We’ve been around since 1979 - We know the business - Helped Millions lose weight - Convenient Location & Hours - Medically Supervised - FDA Approved weightloss solutions - Board Certified Doctors - Simply, we care

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