We are a part of the franchise system of Physicians Weight Loss Centers which has helped millions of people lose excess weight since its establishment in1979. With our medically supervised programs, we provide you with the tools which you need to help lose excess weight quickly and safely and keep it off. Our programs can deliver between 2 to 4 pounds of weight loss each week.

After you take the first step and come to visit us, our skilled counselors sit down with you for FREE CONSULTATION, which is designed to help determine which of our programs is best suited to your unique lifestyle and weight loss goals. Our counselors will then explain the programs in detail and make a professional recommendation for a customized weight loss program taking into account your food preferences and your particular circumstances. If necessary, our physician may consult with your primary care physicians before you enroll to take into account recommendations that your physician may have regarding your health. Our staff is trained to work with people who may have food restrictions, use multiple medications, and people with Type II Diabetics, and/or hypertension.

Our programs are fashioned so that you continue to use grocery store foods, but we also have meal replacements for those who need or want them. All of our programs deliver excellent nutrition that burns fat, protects lean muscle and ensures safe and healthy results.



Our Experience

We know that you may have other options out there for you to choose from when it comes to losing weight. However, we have a long and vast experience in this field, as Physicians Weight Loss Centers have been at it for over 35 yeas. So when you join our program, you get excellent, one-on-one support from our team of counselors and health professionals. If you follow our programs, we guarantee your results. We are with you every pound of the way, from the start to the finish line. Along the way, you will lose all that excess weight, drop sizes, look better, improve your health and feel terrific. We look forward to meeting you soon!



✓ Programs are created by registered dieticians
✓ Simple & Easy to Follow Plan
✓ Physician Supervised and Staffed with Nurse
✓ Physical exam, lab work, blood count, blood pressure & EKG
✓ Board Certified Doctors
✓ Knowledgeable and Caring Team
✓ Exceptional Patient Service
✓ Real Food, Fast Results
✓ Weight Loss and Wellness is ALL WE DO
✓ FDA Approved
✓ Se Habla Espanol
✓ Tailored Just for you

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