Physicians Fast™

The Physicians Fast™ weight loss program is designed to promote quick and healthy weight loss and encourage long-term weight maintenance. This meal replacement program features supplements specially formulated with ingredients of the highest quality. Based on the principles of a very low-calorie diet, the Physicians Fast™ program is designed to assure that adequate levels of protein are met while restricting the amount of carbohydrate intake. This easy-to-follow plan provides for a dinner meal along with 4 daily supplements and appetite suppressants. The Physicians Fast™ supplements provide high quality protein and essential vitamins and minerals available in seven delicious flavors. You may select from a variety of supplements specifically formulated to feature a custom blend of active ingredients designed to help suppress appetite, burn fat, boost metabolism, reduce stress and provide hours of long lasting energy. The Physicians Fast™ program is perfect for those who don't have the time to prepare several balanced meals daily or for those who want maximum portions and quality control with aggressive results.



✓ Programs are created by registered dieticians
✓ Simple & Easy to Follow Plan
✓ Physician Supervised and Staffed with Nurse
✓ Physical exam, lab work, blood count, blood pressure & EKG
✓ Board Certified Doctors
✓ Knowledgeable and Caring Team
✓ Exceptional Patient Service
✓ Real Food, Fast Results
✓ Weight Loss and Wellness is ALL WE DO
✓ FDA Approved
✓ Se Habla Espanol
✓ Tailored Just for you

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