VLCD 700

VLCD 700: The Low Carb VLCD 700 program is the original Physicians Weight Loss Centers diet program, designed to provide 700 calories per day. It is an accelerated and aggressive weight loss plan which provides for the loss of approximately three (3) pounds of weight loss a week. The program is low in fat, carb, and cholesterol and high in protein and is designed to help satisfy appetite and provide energy. The nutritional breakdown is 20% carbohydrate, 50% protein, 30% fat. The Low Carb VLCD 700 program includes three meals per day that you can create from a list of fresh food items that you can purchase from your favorite neighborhood grocery store. The items are carefully selected by our registered dietitian to ensure proper nutrition. Two high protein nutritional supplements per day must be taken in conjuction with this program to help protect lean muscle while losing weight. The menu was designed with the right combination of foods to help you feel full. The VLCD 700 program is ideal for individuals who have trouble staying on a diet and who look to get their weight off in a shorter period of time.



✓ Programs are created by registered dieticians
✓ Simple & Easy to Follow Plan
✓ Physician Supervised and Staffed with Nurse
✓ Physical exam, lab work, blood count, blood pressure & EKG
✓ Board Certified Doctors
✓ Knowledgeable and Caring Team
✓ Exceptional Patient Service
✓ Real Food, Fast Results
✓ Weight Loss and Wellness is ALL WE DO
✓ FDA Approved
✓ Se Habla Espanol
✓ Tailored Just for you

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